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Long Island Regional Seed Consortium




The Long Island Regional Seed Consortium‘s growing seed bank for endangered heirloom varieties needs a new home!  Using my creative wizardry I was proud to create in solidarity with their cause to bring about the importance of biodiversity, regional varieties, and seed saving!

I embarked on this collaborative creative journey to create the MOTHERSHIP- Protecting a Regional Seed Bank in March of 2017.  The video in total took about three months to complete because I was working on the farm part time as well.  The opening video and photographs were from the original filming of the LIRSC crew.  The photographs were taken both by myself and Emmy-Nominated Southold photographer Randee Daddona.  

Since we are all science fiction nerds the theme was a futuristic community of seed savers; the next step in the evolution of human consumption!  I created the MOTHERSHIP logo using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  The animations and motion graphics were also created in illustrator and then later animated in Adobe After Effects.  Oh and if you didn’t notice or never heard my voice, I’m narrating the script which was composed by Cheryl Frey and Steph Gaylor of the LIRSC.  This has to be one of my favorite projects just from the fact that I got to work with so many other talented folks!

Not all of us are producers or farmers but we all eat and love food!  If you’re interested please consider backing this project. Your plate is depending on it!



Pencil & Paper

Adobe Creative Suit (After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Photographs (Additional photos provided by Randee Daddona, Thank You!)

Editing Wizardry (If I don’t say so myself )

Music by Blue Dot Sessions – Tuck and Point & Hickory Interlude